The Role and Effects of Testosterone

Testosterone stimulants, such as androstenedione, are by far the most common type of supplement used to gain weight. Much has been said about the effects of this type of drugs, but almost nowhere is there any mention of their use or application. Any of you have at least once come across an article talking about the conversion of androstenedione to testosterone, but have you ever seen an article explaining how to get the most out of testosterone?! After all, high testosterone in the blood does not mean success or unprecedented muscle growth. 

Most articles on testosterone today – is at best a purely personal opinion or impression of the author, which is more a thought out loud, than a scientific or confirmed medical fact. The topic of today’s article will be androgens, although there are many other hormones that have a direct effect on muscles and their growth, we will focus on this particular type of substances. To begin with, androgens, when used correctly, can synergize with our body, or, if you wish, they can complement each other with growth hormones such as growth hormone. If you want to buy modern bodybuilding drugs, visit

Testosterone – the foundation of muscle building

It is a scientifically proven fact that testosterone is responsible for about 70% of the muscle tissue you gain through classical training. By classic training you should understand the two components of proper training are negative and positive reps. Let’s get back to the point. What do these 70% mean, it’s very simple, if your body does not have enough testosterone, you simply will not be able to gain the necessary muscle mass. By no means should not think that gaining muscle mass – it is only testosterone and training, the role of hormones and a bunch of other substances are not going anywhere, but for the most part, testosterone is responsible for muscle growth. The conclusion suggests itself, testosterone is a key component in building muscle mass.

Testosterone – a direct effect

But how does testosterone influence muscle tissue growth? By participating in anti-catabolic or anabolic processes in the body? Is its effect direct or indirect? There is an opinion that androgens are both anabolics and anti-catabolics, but the truth is that androgens are catabolics and anabolics. And these effects have both indirect and direct effects on our bodies. By affecting androgens in the muscles, they also affect protein synthesis as well as protein breakdown. Muscle growth when using testosterone is based on the fact that its anabolic effect is somewhat more powerful than its catabolic one. This fact was recognized by scientists long ago, when comparing the rate of muscle tissue reproduction during androgen stimulation with the process of natural growth of muscle tissue. You can get access to modern effective drugs at