Labor Lawyer Services

An employment lawyer can help resolve labor disputes. Despite the fact that we live in a democratic society, some employers seem to be stuck in the slave system. Managers often treat their employees, to put it mildly, disrespectfully. Employees in this situation should not let everything go by its own accord. In addition, the Labor Code protects the rights of workers. If you see that your interests are being ignored, seek help from specialists. A discrimination lawyer consultation will help you to find out exactly what legal rules are not respected by the employer, as well as to understand his responsibilities to the team as a whole and to you in particular.

Judicial practice shows that labor disputes are often resolved in favor of the employee. Of course, if you were illegally fired, then even after you are reinstated in your previous job through the courts, you are unlikely to establish a relationship with your boss. But even if you do not plan to return to work, you can obtain from the employer payment of involuntary absenteeism, unused vacation, moral compensation and other payments stipulated by labor law.

Labor lawyer consultation

Even if the boss fired you for all the requirements of the law, you can always find some kind of mistake. For example, mismatch of dates, non-observance of the terms of dismissal or penalties, skipping a line, lack of your written explanations. As a rule, the presence of even the smallest slip in the actions of the employer leads to the restoration of an employee in a previously held position. A timely consultation of a lawyer on the labor code can slow down the process of dismissal and prevent unlawful actions towards you by the management.

Indeed, most often, if the employer sees that his employee is guided by labor law and if he violates his rights he goes to court, he prefers to act in compliance with the law. A legal advice on labor law will help you rethink the situation and determine your future behavior. It may turn out that your rights were not actually violated and the employer acted lawfully. If, nevertheless, your claims are legitimate, our labor dispute attorney will help to cope with such a crucial task as the competent preparation of a claim and represent the interests of the client in court.

A labor lawyer will assist in resolving any issues related to labor law. As a rule, an employee needs legal advice on labor disputes in case of unlawful dismissal, non-payment or regular delays in salary, in which cases one cannot do without going to court. Also, a labor lawyer will provide the necessary assistance in the event of unlawful disciplinary sanctions on the employee (fine, reprimand, etc.), or in case of unilateral amendments to the labor contract or working conditions by the employer.

Naturally, in order to guarantee your rights, you need to enlist the support of a qualified lawyer. A labor law attorney will be able to easily find all the mistakes of your former leader and will help you to get all the payments due to you (including moral compensation).

Within the framework of labor law, lawyers protect the client and represent interests in court in such cases:

  • disputes on the recovery of wages, other payments (severance pay, vacation pay, business trip);
  • disputes about reinstatement;
  • disputes on compensation for moral and material damage.

In addition, labor lawyers can appear in court, both on the side of the plaintiff and on the side of the defendant. After all, the employer may also need professional legal assistance. Often there are situations when an employee can behave outside the framework of the law and it is necessary to involve lawyers in order to solve a problem situation.