Advantages and disadvantages of remote work

If you are tired of getting to work every day at rush hour, and communication with colleagues does not make you happy, you can think about looking for a remote job or try yourself as a freelancer. There is no need to go to the office, the bosses are far away. However, with all its advantages, remote work has a number of disadvantages. We will talk about it in this article. If you are looking for a remote job, you can get acquainted with the list of top 10 remote jobs.

Advantages of remote work

Let’s stop confuse “remote work” and “freelance”. The fact is that remote work does not always mean freelance: you may be a full-time employee of the organization, but work at home. A freelancer is a person who is not bound by a permanent employment contract with any company, but who performs certain projects under a service contract. As a rule, a freelancer also works remotely.

Who is most often looking for an advantage in working outside the office? Young mothers who want to stay qualified during their childcare leave, students looking for a job without compromising their studies, and many modern people who do not want to waste time on the way to the office. More often than not, specialists in remote work are attracted by their free schedule. However, remote work does not always imply the ability to plan your own day. Often, a specialist is required to remotely support some work process at certain hours (for example, to answer calls). In this case, a free schedule is out of the question, but it is quite possible to combine such work with anything else.

The undoubted advantage of remote work is the fact that the employee does not spend 2-3 hours a day on the way to the office and back, and thus he has the opportunity to spend more time with his family or other business. You can also save some money in this way. In addition, to work from home you do not need an office suit, which means that you can save money on clothing in the office style.

And if it’s not just about remote work, and the freelancer, then we can talk about not only freedom from office conventions, but also the freedom to choose the job, because the freelancer can choose the projects and customers according to their interests and capabilities. For example, if a journalist is not interested in writing about politics, he may well work on other topics. For some, it is also important that the home workplace can be designed to your own taste, not counting the corporate rules. You can find a great remote job at LaborX website.

Disadvantages of remote work

A specialist working outside the office, in most cases, does not see his boss often – someone once a week, and someone once every six months. Many see this as a plus, but this advantage in fact most often turns into a lack of distance work – a lack of feedback with the manager. A remote employee does not always get his or her job evaluation on time, which slows down his or her professional development and makes it difficult to master new competencies.

As a rule, a specialist working outside the office does not often see his colleagues. The lack of professional communication is another disadvantage of remote work: an employee often lacks operational information, both official and unofficial. However, in some companies, this is partly overcome with the help of an internal corporate portal.

The lack of feedback and professional communication inevitably affects the career of a specialist. Professional and, therefore, official growth slows down. Undoubtedly, there are many exceptions to this rule, but the general trend is evident: becoming a vice president of the company, working from home is more difficult.